You do not understand — and most likely can not understand — exactly just just what the reality are, what exactly have you been kept with?

If she’s telling the facts, which he had been cheating on her behalf, issue you must response is whether or otherwise not their infidelity is essential for you. You are in a relationship that is non-exclusive. Maybe no matter that he can not save yourself from resting along with other ladies. If that CAN matter for you, you ought to save money time speaking with him about this and soon you’re either convinced that he is being up-front to you, or perhaps you’re convinced he will not.

Do not get hung through to who you “should” believe.

Trust your gut. Casual intercourse is not that difficult to find that messing this up would really harm you that badly. Published by toomuchpete at 7:03 PM on January 18, 2013 19 favorites

The best way to get during the the fact is to think your FWB, like folks are letting you know to – she is a girl that is in love he has no feelings for, who is harassing you, and who he nonetheless plans to keep sleeping with with him that. If you will find any clues that this example isn’t exactly what it appears, i can not see them in your narrative.

If he is simply your FWB rather than your BF, there is little explanation to value their motives because, by meaning, FWBs are meant to be conducted in an attachment style that is dismissive. You probably can not hold a FWB to perhaps the exact same requirements you’d have for a buddy. Which explains why lots of people are saying, “who cares in regards to the details, dump the drama just llama already. ” If you should be profoundly bothered in what this could say about him, both you and this other woman could have more in keeping than you would like to acknowledge deeply down, and that thing is not you are both bitches be crazy. Published by tel3path at 7:31 PM on 18, 2013 9 favorites january

<2>Think him. We hate the “crazy girl” trope, but giving you a facebook message is a pretty crazy move ahead her component.

<p> Exactly Exactly What. Delivering a FB message ended up being probably her only way of contact — it is not like she’s buddies because of the OP and that can take a seat along with her for coffee.

When it comes to OP’s concern — i am torn about this, but that is possibly because I happened to be into the place to be the “other woman” in which he got caught. Within my situation, we were FWB and he previously a gf, but both of us thought he had been being exclusive. Shit hit the fan whenever I came across her at a social occasion, being unsure of these were a couple of. He still don’t acknowledge it — we sooner or later dragged all of it away from him, mostly by asking other individuals who knew him. I confronted him via FB because I thought she deserved to know on it and he wasn’t going to tell his gf, so I told her.

Therefore from our experience, yes, it’s very feasible for some guy to own a FWB while in a relationship that is committed pull it well for quite a while. The fact she was his gf means absolutely nothing that he is denying.

Another anecdote: we caused an individual who had been the unknowing other girl. This person seemed amazing. He was at her destination several evenings a week, supposedly committed relationship, went along to all her child’s baseball games, proposed to her. Ends up he had been hitched with 2 young kids. Their wife discovered by sneaking on their phone, called up their (unknowing) mistress, and informed her that which was exactly exactly what. Then your guy left their spouse. She went ballistic and finished up in an institute that is mental a couple of days. And also this had been some guy who was simply the “perfect” guy — aka an actor that is fantastic.

Therefore whether to think this woman or perhaps not? It is extremely possible she is telling the reality in which he’s a douchbag that is lying. It is also feasible she had been another FWB who got refused whenever she wished to have more severe and went a small crazypants and stalked their phone for his other FWBs and is giving blatant lies to any other woman he is flirted with to ensure he “has no option” but become together with her. Me, I would do some investigating and try to get at the truth, because not knowing would make me bonkers if it were.

Additionally, this may not want to be stated, but simply just in case — ensure you’re getting STD checks regularly. Published by DoubleLune at 7:36 PM on January 18, 2013 5 favorites

Giving A twitter message is “crazy” today? Jesus Christ.

Yes, and many thanks tel3path for bringing within the expresse word “harassment” into this conversation. Memo to any or all social people(male and female): Don’t you will need to contact one other woman/your ex’s brand brand new flame/your sensed competing and dump your shit in it. It is confusing, it isn’t cool, and also the motives for doing this kind of thing are selfish 99.9% of times.

Why did not you be contacted by her previously? If she knew which he had been, in reality, cheating on her behalf to you, why stay about this information?

If some body delivered me personally an email/facebook message/carrier pigeon blaming me personally due to their break-up, I would personally delete that shit instantly. Particularly if we was not intent on the guy under consideration. If i am simply resting with some body, and I’ve done my diligence that is due that’re maybe perhaps not hitched or perhaps partnered, i am good. Individuals make an effort to stir up shit. It is not my issue.

If he is a FWB, how come you care? If it is just intercourse, really, how come you care? With him and find someone who’s a better candidate for a long-term relationship if you do care, stop sleeping. Published by ablazingsaddle at 7:40 PM on January 18, 2013 2 favorites